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Lawn Mowing Techniques: Mulching vs. Bagging

Lawn Mowing Techniques:  Mulching vs. Bagging


It is common knowledge that the Northeast is the only part of the country that bags grass clippings and this North Attleboro Lawn mowing company is no different.

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It's the classic debate when it comes to lawn care. Do you mulch your lawn grass clippings or bag them?  Ask just about any professional and you'll receive a variety of answers and reasons for each person's choice. Each option comes with advantages and disadvantages you should consider. Some weeks you might want to mulch and some weeks you might want to bag. Let's look at the two options. 

Lawn mowers on the market today make mulching your grass clippings much easier than it used to be. A good mulching lawn mower will cut your grass clippings into small enough pieces to benefit your yard without causing problems. Allowing the grass clippings to sit on the lawn helps the grass retain moisture and puts valuable nutrients into the soil! 

Mulching is considered a "green" option as well because you aren't putting valuable organic material into the landfill. In fact, many cities prohibit dumping grass clippings with the trash.

Bagging your lawn clippings didn't really become popular until the development of gas-powered mowers with bag attachments came along. These mowers often produced larger clippings that didn't settle as easily into the lawn but rested on top of the lawn instead often resulting in poor aesthetics and excessive clean up.  Bagging clippings will fully prevent the development of this lawn problem. 

Raking and bagging clippings from time to time especially in wetter months can be beneficial in the Northeast to avoid poor quality cut. You may also want to bag if you have an older lawn mower. 

So, there is no right answer in the great grass clipping debate. Choose the method that works best for your life and your lawn or feel free to stay neutral and do both. Happy mowing!


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Fall Lawn care Tips



Just because the summer heat and sunshine is rapidly decreasing does not mean that your lawn's beauty should as well.  Practicing proper lawn care, you can maintain a healthy, vibrant lawn well into October.  During the cooler months of fall and winter, grass goes into a dormant stage.  During this time, the plant focuses on maintaining a healthy root base so that it can come back stronger and greener during the next growing season.  By nurturing your lawn and providing essential nutrients, you can encourage spring success even when it is covered in snow.

     Lawns with plenty of trees get plenty of leaves in the fall.  This leads to constant raking and bagging or mulching.  If you plan to naturally fertilize your lawn as part of your fall lawn care regimen,  using a mulching lawn mower not only provides natural fertilizer for your lawn, but cuts down on the hassle of raking, and disposing of leaves.  By making sure that your grass roots remain strong through the cold winter months, your lawn will bounce back greener and faster as soon as the weather warms up again.

     Many households feel that once the grass has turned brown, that they no longer need to keep up with their yard work.  For those that continue landscaping year round, fall lawn care allows them to adapt their lawn to match the changing seasons.  Take the time during these months to place out decorations for the fall, either ones celebrating the Halloween holiday or a general theme of harvesting and preparation for the oncoming lean months.  This yard work also allows you to get your property winterized.  Bundle up hoses for storage, collect and store tools and fragile plants or take care of any lingering summer projects.  The fall weather may not be perfect for growing and nurturing plant life, but that does not mean you cannot have a beautiful lawn.

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