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What Is The Best Type Of Soil to Grow Grass In Franklin?

soil-types.jpgKnowing what kind of soil you have in your yard will help you determine what types of seed to put down when you want to grow grass. Soil that has the ideal nutrients, is aerated, and drains well is the best for growing a healthy lawn, but if you have certain challenges (poor drainage or high pH), you may need to plant a different type or blend of grass seed. If you do not have the time or are intimidated by having your soil tested and adjustments made to it if needed, you should consult a lawn care professional for help in making your grass look its best.

Other Types of Grass

If your yard is made up of mostly sunny and well-drained areas, Kentucky bluegrass might be the best grass for you. Another grass that does well in these conditions is perennial ryegrass, which establishes itself quickly in your turf. If you want to plant a grass that is drought and heat tolerant, consider planting tall fescues.

Grass Blends for Home Use

Using a blended mix of grass seed is ideal for home use because it generally allows you to grow grass in many different soil conditions. If you have a shaded and well-drained lawn, you could consider a mix of fine fescue and perennial ryegrass. Another blend is also available for these conditions that includes shade-tolerant Kentucky bluegrass and perennial ryegrass. If your lawn is shaded and the soil tends to be wet, consider planting a blend of "Sabre" rough Bluegrass and shade-tolerant Kentucky bluegrass.

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Tips For Selecting The Right Plainville Landscape Contractor For Design, Installation, And Maintenance

landscape-contractor.jpgSelecting the right landscape contractor for a yard renovation can be a daunting task. There are some easy tips to follow that will help you to help you find the right company to design, install, and maintain your new beautiful outdoor project.

  • Select a company with the experience and qualifications to do the renovation you require.
  • Make sure your landscape contractor is bonded and insured.
  • They should have experienced specialists, and be able to provide a drawing of what you would like them to design and install.
  • Be sure to ask your contractor if they plan to stay on your project until it is completed.

Finally, you should ask about what their installation process involves and any guarantees they provide.

Experience is so important in choosing a landscaping company to design, install, and maintain a project at your home. You should choose a company with a proven track record and years of experience. Asking for references is a good idea before making a final decision. Ask the company you are considering to provide you with proof of bonding and insurance. This information protects you and the employees the landscaping company sends to do your project.

A landscaping company should have specialists on staff that are knowledgeable about how to design the kind of project you are looking for and provide you with drawings to explain how they will carry out your renovation. This is especially true if you want a landscape contractor to design, install and maintain a renovation that is organic and friendly to the environment. A landscape contractor should stay on your project until it is completed. You should also find out if a landscaping company provides a guarantee for the work they do for you.

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A Few Tips For Mowing Your Grass Lawn In WrenthamTo Achieve The Best Results Possible

mowing-grass-lawn.jpgIf you want a healthy grass lawn to last through warmer months, you should follow a few simple tips when mowing. The right cutting height setting on your mower is important for overall grass lawn health. How frequently you mow also affects the health of your lawn. You might be tempted to remove grass clippings after you mow, but leaving them helps your lawn receive healthy nutrients. You might be surprised to learn that mowing patterns also influence the health of a grass lawn. Finally, you should keep your mower blades sharp so they do not damage your turf.

3 to 4 inches is the ideal grass mowing height for most lawns. If you mow your turf closer than that, you run the risk of damaging grass health by reducing the photosynthesis that occurs when grass leaves are long enough. You also subject your lawn to greater stress from the environment and open the possibility of weed invasion. There is a guideline called the one-third rule to follow when mowing. For example, if you are going to mow your lawn so that it is two inches high, then you should not let the grass grow taller than three inches before you mow again.

Clippings should be left on the lawn because they provide helpful nutrients to the turf. It is okay to remove excessive clippings if you have mowed the lawn infrequently, otherwise there is no need to bag or rake them. If you want to promote upright shoot growth, then you should vary the mowing pattern at right angles every other time you mow. If you do not keep your mower blades sharp, you run the risk of tearing and injuring the grass blades instead of cutting them, which may cause browning of your turf.

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