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How to water your new lawn; North Attleboro Landscaper

How to water your new lawn

Landscape Maintenance Tips:  Guide for cool season grasses -
A new seed bed must be kept moist in order for the grass seed to germinate.  This means watering 2-3 times daily.  IF THE SEED BED IS ALLOWED TO DRY OUT JUST ONCE YOU CAN LOSE UP TO 30% OF YOUR SEED GERMINATION.  What this means is if you are watering once a day with a garden hose it is not enough.  Water is the key element in the success or failure of your new lawn.
 North Attleboro Landscape
  1. Water new seed bed 2-3 times a day to keep soil moist.
  2. Once grass seed has germinated DO NOT STOP WATERING.  Now the seed is a young seedling with a growing leaf area to support with a very small root system to draw water with. 
  3. Now that your grass seed has germinated and is about 2" tall you should increase the watering time to a minimum of 30 minutes 3-4 times per week.  This will cause the root system to grow down in search of water rather that up towards the surface where the moisture is after light watering.
  4. The best time of day to water your lawn is the morning.  This will provide moisture for the grass plants well into the day when they are under the most stress from the midday temperatures and drying sun.  Also evening watering creates extremely high nightime humidity and optimum conditions for many fungus diseases.
NOTE:  Here are some general germination times for different grass seed species.  These are under optimum conditions and are affected by temperature and moisture.  These are to give you an idea of the amount of time before you see any germination.  Many people will get discouraged and stop watering before the seed has had enough time to germinate.
Kentucky Bluegrass -  21 days
Tall Fescue - 16 - 18 days
Fine Fescue - 14 days
Ryegrass (annual, perennial and turf type) - 5 -7 days

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North Attleboro Landscaper; Lawn Mower tracks in my lawn?

Hi Folks,

I have taken 3 calls this week from concerning customers about their Lawns in North Attleboro.  The calls were similiar in the fact that they all were seeing the lawn mowers were causing tracking in the lawn.  This is often mistaken as a chemical burn by your lawn care company.

Cool season grasses (like we have in New England) prefer cool temperatures.  When the soil temperatures spike like they have in the last two weeks the lawns shut down (if we are not keeping the soil cool with regular watering) and become dormant.  Extended dormancy or drought could damage the turf, but most lawns will recover when the rain and cooler temperatures return.

Good article describing the tracking due to heat stress. Heat Stressheat stress resized 600

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Lawn Mowing New Turf - Over-seeding


A colleague shared this article which helps decide when to start back up mowing after your Lawn has been Aerated and Over-seeded.

This article was written by one of the extension educators @ UMASS Amherst, Jason Lanier.



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Landscape Renovations, North Attleboro

Ok, I haven't posted in a while and am certainly feeling guilty about that.. what better way to prove that we've been very busy than some before and after Photos of our work.  We have the pleasure of working with some great families and truly enjoy seeing their reactions to our landscape Renovations.  As a Landscaper in North Attleboro we have the opportunity to maintain and enhance many properties throughout town.

We ran across large shrub species planted 18" off the foundation of this house.  The homeowners have tried to maintain these plants and make them look good.  The bottom line is that it was the wrong plant for the space at the beginning.  We incorporated newer varieties that have compact characterisitics to keep the maintenance to a minimum.

Thank you for following!

Backyard LandscapingBeforeNorth Attleboro LandscapingAfterNorth Attleboro LandscapingNorth Attleboro LandscapingBeforeNorth Attleboro LandscapingAfter

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Are you seeing this weed?: North Attleboro Landscaper

Lawn Care Tip: Bittercress in lawns and Landscapes


Have you noticed this unusual plant populating your lawns and Landscapes this spring?  I have noticed a significant amount this year over years past.  Weather playing a part?  I think so.  This unusual weather pattern has triggered different pests this spring that we are not used to working with.


IMG 0544 resized 600













This winter annual weed is called bittercress.   Most prolific from late fall through early spring.  This weed is most problematic in propagation and overwintering. Despite being a winter annual, bittercress will germinate and grow throughout the year due to the cool environment provided by daily overhead irrigation. Plants form a small mounded clump generally 4 to 8 inches tall and wide.  However, during warm summer months, bittercress generally grow much smaller.  Often, many seedlings germinate in a small area so that they appear as a large, dense mat.


How to manage:  A typical season bittercress is hardly noticeable and fades away with the warm temperatures.  I would recommend mowing, hoeing or hand pulling these plants.  This will prevent the plant from spreading its seeds (catch it before it flowers) and becoming a larger problem.  This will control the plant without the need of chemical interference.


Ultimately, having a thick lush turf will be control enough for this weed and should consider aerating, topdressing and seeding these areas heavily later this summer.


As if the presence of bittercress weren't enough by itself, it also is a home for aphid


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The Secret to Crabgrass control: North Attleboro Landscaper

The Secret to Crabgrass control:



Ever receive one of the Postcards from a Lawn care company and there is an amazing lush lawn on the front?  Do you get the impression that by hiring them you will have a beautiful lawn like the picture?

16 years in the business has taught me that it is simply not that simple.  There are several key factors that need to be addressed above and beyond the treatments you sign up for….

The lawn treatments are only 40% of the solution.  Many variable can take away the effectiveness of a good pre-emergent product i.e. timing, watering, weather, lawn thickness, soil, PH, history of the lawn.

The Secret!  A thick lawn is the best control of Crabgrass.  A properly timed and maintained lawn needs regimented seeding to out-compete crabgrass and weed infestation.  If the lawn has any bare areas the crabgrass will eventually fill in those areas and mutliply.  Eliminated those bare areas are essential to the future success of your lawn. 

A thick lawn is the solution to many lawn problems and should be a main priority to those seeking a “postcard lawn”.


Lawn Maintenance North Attleboro

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Spring Clean up; 4 Reasons NOT to wait!

Are you going to take advantage  of the "low snow" winter?  Historically we have had great years in the Landscape industry when we can get a couple weeks of work done in March.  

4 Reasons NOT to wait to do your Spring Clean up

Reason #:

  1. Emerging Bulbs, perennials and buds on your trees and shrubs.  If you can get into your gardens and landscapes before the delicate growth of your plants begin you can avoid damaging your plants most sensitive areas.Spring Clean up

  2. Get ahead of the action.  Nothing beats an early season to free up time for other projects.  I love when we can get an early jump on our landscape season.  It gives me the flexibility I need in the schedule to give proactive results to accommodate our new clients.

  3. Beat the weeds.  The sooner you can get cleaned up and landscapes mulched the more suppressed the weeds will be.  Don’t risk mulching or weed prevention before that have emerged.

  4. Even if it does snow, this North Attleboro Landscaper says, so what!

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Lawn Care: Winter Lawn seeding technique

Lawn Care:  Winter Lawn seeding technique

Are you unhappy with the thickness of your lawn?  Did you miss the opportunity to over-seed this past winter? 

I am going to personally try this technique this year.  My dog has been very detrimental to the success of my back lawn.  She is an energetic black lab that becomes obsessed with retrieving her tennis ball.  How can I resist?  She is getting great exercise and I enjoy watching her instincts take over.  She will run full speed and then throw on the breaks ripping up turf the whole time as she reacts to the bouncing ball.2010 12 17 15 17 43 362 resized 600

Here’s the idea.  As winter sets in spread grass seed heavily (make sure you are matching the seed type to your site conditions Click here for seed types) over the existing turf you wish to thicken up.  As the ground freezes and thaws over the next few months the seed becomes embedded into the soil.  As temperatures rise in the spring the seed is already sown, right? 

Here are some potential benefits. 

  • Grass starts growing before the need to apply pre-emergent crabgrass control which would nullify any post seeding activities.

  • You do not need to worry about timing.  The seed will already be embedded as weather turns and soil temperatures rise.

  • Getting some early sowing will help the grass achieve some better root depth and density before the onset of summer.

Potential downfalls

  • Seed stays to wet over the long winter months and simply rots out.

  • Seed continually gets wet and dry killing the seed.

  • Soil does not thaw and soil never embeds itself.

My feeling is that seed is pretty inexpensive and it is worth the effort.  Any opportunity to thicken the turf will save you money in the long run on trying to eradicate un-desirables plants such as crabgrass…..

Please comment with your experience, questions or thoughts!


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Landscape Service; Mulching: Can you give me 5 reasons why we do it?

Mulching: Can you give me 5 reasons why Landscape management professionals do it?

I was pondering early this morning about my latest blog Idea. I was thinking of innovative ways to train the men on the importance behind the services we provide, or why we do what we do. Giving them this education helps everyone involved. I realized that I do have an informal way of training by quizzing them from time to time.

Each year as the spring season brings about all of natures wonders our Landscape crews gear up to prepare your landscapes for the upcoming months. Mulching is one of our signature landscape services that are in high demand that time of year. I’ll annually quiz my crew members each year when we begin the bulk of our Landscape Serviceresidential landscape bed/garden mulching.

Typically I will ask them to give me 5 reasons why we visit these homes every spring and Mulch their gardens.

Here are the answers I am looking for.

1. Suppresses unwanted vegetation
2. Insulates the soil and root zones of the plants for the winter
3. Aesthetics
4. Maintains soil moisture
5. Keeps the soil cooler during the summer months

When we understand the importance of what we do… our job becomes more than just a job.

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North Attleboro Landscaper: Fall Clean ups

Just a quick post to show some photos of the men working hard to get up all the leaves.  We have been fortunate as the weather has cooperated nicely. This a magical service.  The properties are literally covered with debris and within a few hours it is emaculate.  As a North Attleboro Landscaper we have to wait until the week before Thanksgiving to get going on full clean ups as the oaks, beech leaves are still hanging on.

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!  

North Attleboro Fall Clean upLeaf Blowing North AttleboroIMG 0450 resized 600

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