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Landscaping; North Attleboro 10 Tips

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Feeling the economy slowly rebounding and the housing market beginning to improve, new homeowners are once again on the move.  Being in a new town or neighborhood is an opportunity for a new start.  When selecting who will be maintaining and improving your landscaping can be a tough job as there are many companies floating around with there eyes on your property.

I would like to share with those who are in need of a Lawn and Landscape Professional an article that was written by the Professional Landcare Network (PLANET).  This dedicated staff is hell bent on improving the professionalism of our industry and advocating for its members.

In an effort to share this content more locally I am writing this for those in need of a North Attleboro Landscape Company and hoping this can guide you through the process.


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North Attleboro Landscaping; Rose Lovers Beware


Hello Friends,

I had heard early this spring about a potential virus that could affect 'Knockout' rose.  I took the time today to research as I am putting together my planting orders for some upcoming projects that I would have liked to use roses in...  

Here is an article I would like to share: Roses Article


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North Attleboro Landscaping


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Landscape Renovations, North Attleboro

Ok, I haven't posted in a while and am certainly feeling guilty about that.. what better way to prove that we've been very busy than some before and after Photos of our work.  We have the pleasure of working with some great families and truly enjoy seeing their reactions to our landscape Renovations.  As a Landscaper in North Attleboro we have the opportunity to maintain and enhance many properties throughout town.

We ran across large shrub species planted 18" off the foundation of this house.  The homeowners have tried to maintain these plants and make them look good.  The bottom line is that it was the wrong plant for the space at the beginning.  We incorporated newer varieties that have compact characterisitics to keep the maintenance to a minimum.

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Backyard LandscapingBeforeNorth Attleboro LandscapingAfterNorth Attleboro LandscapingNorth Attleboro LandscapingBeforeNorth Attleboro LandscapingAfter

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North Attleboro Landscaper: Do you have a Soil Plan?

North Attleboro Landscaper: Do you have a soil plan?


Soil Plan:


Our North Attleboro Landscape company doesn’t do a lot of Landscape Construction work, but when we do indulge for a client and commit to a soft-scape I am usually on a mission to entirely renovate the planting beds. Along with re-sculpting the bed lines I am making sure that I include a plan for amending the existing soil.

Soil in Wheelbarrow

After attending New England Grows this past week I took away a great Landscape tip from James Urban, FASLA when he spoke about planting plans. Tip: include a soil plan in your Landscape proposals.

This idea really resonated with me. I continually encounter difficult soil conditions. Whether it is new construction where you are left to work with minimal topsoil on top of compacted gravel or poor soil that has been neglected and lifeless.

I have instilled in my staff the importance of using soil amendments and will be including this into our future Landscape proposals. I think looking at this issue more globally and breaking out this segment could act as a education to the root of a lot our North Attleboro Lawn and Landscape issues.


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Landscape Service; Mulching: Can you give me 5 reasons why we do it?

Mulching: Can you give me 5 reasons why Landscape management professionals do it?

I was pondering early this morning about my latest blog Idea. I was thinking of innovative ways to train the men on the importance behind the services we provide, or why we do what we do. Giving them this education helps everyone involved. I realized that I do have an informal way of training by quizzing them from time to time.

Each year as the spring season brings about all of natures wonders our Landscape crews gear up to prepare your landscapes for the upcoming months. Mulching is one of our signature landscape services that are in high demand that time of year. I’ll annually quiz my crew members each year when we begin the bulk of our Landscape Serviceresidential landscape bed/garden mulching.

Typically I will ask them to give me 5 reasons why we visit these homes every spring and Mulch their gardens.

Here are the answers I am looking for.

1. Suppresses unwanted vegetation
2. Insulates the soil and root zones of the plants for the winter
3. Aesthetics
4. Maintains soil moisture
5. Keeps the soil cooler during the summer months

When we understand the importance of what we do… our job becomes more than just a job.

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Landscaping Lesson?; Are you sleepwalking through life?

Are We Sleepwalking Through Life?

As I reflect back on GIE (Green industry Conference) where hundreds of Professional Landscape Service providers took 3-4 days out of their busy lives to meet and discuss ways to improve their businesses.  This annual conference which is laden with educational sessions and networking opportunities is held in Louisville, Kentucky.  These professionals believe in their industry/professionalism and are committed to sharing what they know with other members.  I have been fortunate enough to attend this conference many times over the years and was happy to be in attendance this past October.

I am writing about this year conference because I took away something that is uncommon for one of these educational events.  As I walked through the airport and towards my gate with my mind consumed with the events of the near past and future I noticed a Landscape Friend whom I have chatted with in the past.  Jason Cupp is a very respect member of the Green Industry.  I stopped to wish him well on his travels when he asked me “So what was the most important thing you learned over the past few days?”  You would expect that I learned of a new system to create efficiencies that help the crews save time, or a new piece of equipment that will save hundreds on fuel costs.  A conference of this magnitude gets you feeling so good and confident that when you return home you have this burning desire to become the largest landscape company in the world.  This year, for me I took away something much different.  I realized that my business is not a failure for not blowing sales numbers out of the roof.  I realized that I am so consumed with tomorrow and the sales of tomorrow that I am not getting my best out of today.  I work so hard at creating efficient ways to do everything that we literally skip pass the events of the present. I realized I am sleepwalking through life, with my mind on my next step, instead of on the step I am taking.

This particular presentation by Param Srikantia, Ph.D., of Baldwin-Wallace College was very engaging and down-right funny.  The talk was; Are we sleepwalking through life?  I could honestly answer this question with a very punctual, YES!  I am and have been consumed with the future.  As we moved toward the holiday season I wanted to spread my new revelation to all and encourage us to enjoy the now as we sit down to thanksgiving dinner or spend time with friends.


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Landscape Management; Start thinking Landscape Improvements for next year

Are you enjoying the fall? The crisp air, the sound of leaves crunching underfoot. It's magnificent. And potentially very productive for anyone thinking about major landscape improvements in the coming year or even securing a professional Landscape company to maintain your property.IMG 0021 resized 600

Fall and winter are a great time to consider what landscape improvements you'd like to make during next year's growing season. If you don't already have one, start a landscaping journal and reflect on what worked, what didn't, and what you'd like to change once spring rolls back around.  You can even make a checklist of some of your outstanding fall chores, and set goals for what you hope to accomplish in the future.

For example, you may have noticed some drainage issues this year in certain parts of the yard. Do a quick assessment, and sketch out in your journal where the biggest problems occurred. Then list what fixes you'd like to attempt in the coming year.  Getting your thoughts in order now will save you time in the spring when you're ready to get underway.

If you have trees in desperate need of pruning, use your journal to record which ones are a priority, as well as the names of some arborists to contact for an estimate. A word to the wise: arborists tend to work year-round and might even give you a seasonal discount! No need to wait for spring to complete this important task.

It has been a difficult season on Landscapes in the Northeast, and as a Landscape Company in North Attleboro, Ma we have had to work with Tree and water damage from Tropical storm Irene and then an early snowfall in October which has been detrimental to our trees.

For many of us, lawn care is an ongoing battle. Take this seasonal break from weeds and grubs to give some thought to what went wrong with your grass. Create a list in your journal of the various products you tried this season—the good and the bad. Do some research online or at your local nursery to uncover alternatives for next year.  If you've given up all together and are ready to turn everything over to the pros, use your journal to keep track of contractors and their contact information in your journal. 

The point of all this, however, isn't whether or not you use an actual journal to record your thoughts and plans for the next growing season.  The method you choose to get your landscaping improvement projects in order is unimportant. What is important is that you start now. With a little advance preparation, you'll be able to complete next year's landscape improvements more quickly and with less hassle. 

And who doesn't like the sound of that?

If you think this is interesting,  we like Blue Dot Landscaping's blog.

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Lawn Mowing Techniques: Mulching vs. Bagging

Lawn Mowing Techniques:  Mulching vs. Bagging


It is common knowledge that the Northeast is the only part of the country that bags grass clippings and this North Attleboro Lawn mowing company is no different.

  North Attleboro Lawn Mowing   

It's the classic debate when it comes to lawn care. Do you mulch your lawn grass clippings or bag them?  Ask just about any professional and you'll receive a variety of answers and reasons for each person's choice. Each option comes with advantages and disadvantages you should consider. Some weeks you might want to mulch and some weeks you might want to bag. Let's look at the two options. 

Lawn mowers on the market today make mulching your grass clippings much easier than it used to be. A good mulching lawn mower will cut your grass clippings into small enough pieces to benefit your yard without causing problems. Allowing the grass clippings to sit on the lawn helps the grass retain moisture and puts valuable nutrients into the soil! 

Mulching is considered a "green" option as well because you aren't putting valuable organic material into the landfill. In fact, many cities prohibit dumping grass clippings with the trash.

Bagging your lawn clippings didn't really become popular until the development of gas-powered mowers with bag attachments came along. These mowers often produced larger clippings that didn't settle as easily into the lawn but rested on top of the lawn instead often resulting in poor aesthetics and excessive clean up.  Bagging clippings will fully prevent the development of this lawn problem. 

Raking and bagging clippings from time to time especially in wetter months can be beneficial in the Northeast to avoid poor quality cut. You may also want to bag if you have an older lawn mower. 

So, there is no right answer in the great grass clipping debate. Choose the method that works best for your life and your lawn or feel free to stay neutral and do both. Happy mowing!


Please comment and share your technique!

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Top 5 - lawn watering tips

People often assume that what works for one lawn will automatically work for another. This is definitely not so. Lawn watering tips and gardening maintenance recommendations can fluctuate depending on a number of variants. 

  •   The location of the lawn or garden in question is a very important factor when determining the proper steps to follow in order to obtain successful results. Not only must one consider the immediate location, including such things as whether the area in question is located up-hill, in a low lying area, next to other plants or trees, etc.;  but also the region and climate involved. Temperature, amount of direct sunlight, and wind barriers might also affect watering habits.
  •   Another important consideration is the type of ground and other landscaping attributes. Lawn watering tips can be especially sensitive to the various types of soils, sands, or clays, rocks, and surrounding landscaping due to the fluctuation of drainage, absorption, and susceptibility to disease/ fungus.
  • The type of plants, grass, trees or flowers also plays a large part in determining the type of care and frequency of maintenance, as well as the age of any growth. Newly established lawns and flower beds, for instance, will require different watering techniques than those that have been around a while.

lawn watering

In general, Lawn watering tips and maintenance techniques that are beneficial in most situations include:

  •  Water at the appropriate time of day. It is recommended for most areas that watering be completed in the early morning hours of the day, while it is cooler out. If early morning watering is not a possibility for you, early evening watering is normally acceptable as well. It is not recommended, however, that you water in the late evening or overnight due to the susceptibility of fungus and/or disease.
  • Be aware of the amount of water pressure and amount of water used in conjunction with the drainage rate. A higher rate of water pressure from your hose or even sprinkler system can damage fragile or young plants. Larger amounts of water that do not allow for proper drainage can cause flooding, often drowning plants and washing away the seeds of newly planted lawns or gardens. Applying a steady amount of water pressure at a rate that allows for saturation without overflow is most beneficial.
  • If your lawn is newly established or you are irrigating a flower bed containing young plants, continuous moisture is normally key. Assuring that the ground stays moist enough for your new lawn or plants to take root and thrive can be essential. This can often be achieved with the use of proper landscaping techniques and materials that provide for better water retention. Avoid going overboard, however, as enabling the water to pool can cause additional concerns. Lawns and gardens that are already established normally require less watering except during unusual conditions such as drought. This is due to their ability to adapt to the climate's characteristics over time.
  •   Proper landscaping materials and methods can be an especially important issue to consider when concerns about water usage are an issue. Gardens that are placed in optimal areas and surrounded by foliage can actually reduce excess watering. The use of reclaimed water can also alleviate extreme watering as well. Many people install water features that enable irrigation of surrounding areas while maintaining sufficient drainage, allowing for the recapture of unused water for additional use. Others capture rainwater for use in irrigating lawns and gardens.
  • Consider the type of plants or grass involved. Some plants require more moisture in order for them to thrive, while others need minimal amounts. The use of plants and grasses that are native to the area can improve your chances for success as well, since they will have already adapted to the average conditions for your particular area.  

Regardless of your situation, it is always a good idea to research your specific climate, ground types, and irrigation requirements in the beginning. Applying specified techniques or methods can assure that you too can obtain a lush lawn, bountiful garden, and brightly blooming flowers season after season.


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Beautiful landscaping in North Attleboro

North Attleboro is a beautiful place made even more beautiful by picturesque landscapes.  Winter has come and gone, and now it's time to start sprucing up around the house.  A beautiful landscape adds more to the exterior appearance of your home than you could imagine - real curb appeal.

After the New England winters your lawn can look a little drab and lifeless.  Most people are ready to bring a fresh new look to their lawns; green grass and carefully placed shrub or flower beds can work magic to give your home that well-maintained look and a burst of vibrant color!

A beautiful landscape requires more than just mowing the grass occasionally.  If you want your home to stand apart from the rest, it's time to get to work - or have someone do it for you.  What will it take to get your yard in shape for the upcoming months?

Sometimes a little clean-up is necessary after the long winter months.  Removing leaves, sticks and other debris from your yard will give it a cleaner look, but that's just the beginning.  How would some new shrub beds add to the look of your landscape?  We're not talking a little rectangle flower bed in the corner here.  Intricately designed areas with clean, curved edges will set your lawn off this spring and summer.  When the grass greens up, the contrast is amazing.Beautiful steps

Pruning back damaged or broken branches is sometimes necessary in the spring.  Raking the lawn and fertilizing to "feed" the soil are other factors that should be considered.  By fertilizing your gardens and lawn, the soil is getting much needed nutrients so that it can produce amazing plants and lush green grass during spring and summer months.

Controlling weeds is another essential task if you want a beautiful landscape that captures the eye all season long.  Have you ever mowed your lawn only to look out in 10 minutes and see dandelions popping their heads up (it seems that fast anyway)?  Nothing is more irritating.  Crabgrass, dandelions and other weeds that can spoil your landscape need to be taken care of before they take over the lawn.

Depending upon the shape of your lawn now, there are several aspects of professional landscaping that may benefit you.  A beautiful landscape may require not only mowing, but fertilization, edging the gardens, mulching, pruning of trees and shrubs, clean up and proper irrigation.  Careful watering can make all the difference in the appearance and health of your lawn.  A lush, green lawn is one that has been watered properly, encouraging roots that grown deep and are resistant to drought.

If you're lawn has been neglected for years or you have just moved in to a new home, a complete lawn renovation may be in order.  Remember, there's more to a beautiful, well-kept lawn than just raking leaves and mowing the grass! 

If you want to have that home that makes everyone who passes by take notice, keep in mind that a beautiful landscape takes work, and it's dirty work - but extremely satisfying once you see the fruits of your labor.  Leave it to a professional, and watch your lawn transform before your eyes.

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