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A Few Tips For Mowing Your Grass Lawn In WrenthamTo Achieve The Best Results Possible

mowing-grass-lawn.jpgIf you want a healthy grass lawn to last through warmer months, you should follow a few simple tips when mowing. The right cutting height setting on your mower is important for overall grass lawn health. How frequently you mow also affects the health of your lawn. You might be tempted to remove grass clippings after you mow, but leaving them helps your lawn receive healthy nutrients. You might be surprised to learn that mowing patterns also influence the health of a grass lawn. Finally, you should keep your mower blades sharp so they do not damage your turf.

3 to 4 inches is the ideal grass mowing height for most lawns. If you mow your turf closer than that, you run the risk of damaging grass health by reducing the photosynthesis that occurs when grass leaves are long enough. You also subject your lawn to greater stress from the environment and open the possibility of weed invasion. There is a guideline called the one-third rule to follow when mowing. For example, if you are going to mow your lawn so that it is two inches high, then you should not let the grass grow taller than three inches before you mow again.

Clippings should be left on the lawn because they provide helpful nutrients to the turf. It is okay to remove excessive clippings if you have mowed the lawn infrequently, otherwise there is no need to bag or rake them. If you want to promote upright shoot growth, then you should vary the mowing pattern at right angles every other time you mow. If you do not keep your mower blades sharp, you run the risk of tearing and injuring the grass blades instead of cutting them, which may cause browning of your turf.

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Landscaping; North Attleboro 10 Tips

Hi Folks,

Feeling the economy slowly rebounding and the housing market beginning to improve, new homeowners are once again on the move.  Being in a new town or neighborhood is an opportunity for a new start.  When selecting who will be maintaining and improving your landscaping can be a tough job as there are many companies floating around with there eyes on your property.

I would like to share with those who are in need of a Lawn and Landscape Professional an article that was written by the Professional Landcare Network (PLANET).  This dedicated staff is hell bent on improving the professionalism of our industry and advocating for its members.

In an effort to share this content more locally I am writing this for those in need of a North Attleboro Landscape Company and hoping this can guide you through the process.


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Lawn Mowing New Turf - Over-seeding


A colleague shared this article which helps decide when to start back up mowing after your Lawn has been Aerated and Over-seeded.

This article was written by one of the extension educators @ UMASS Amherst, Jason Lanier.



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The Secret to Crabgrass control: North Attleboro Landscaper

The Secret to Crabgrass control:



Ever receive one of the Postcards from a Lawn care company and there is an amazing lush lawn on the front?  Do you get the impression that by hiring them you will have a beautiful lawn like the picture?

16 years in the business has taught me that it is simply not that simple.  There are several key factors that need to be addressed above and beyond the treatments you sign up for….

The lawn treatments are only 40% of the solution.  Many variable can take away the effectiveness of a good pre-emergent product i.e. timing, watering, weather, lawn thickness, soil, PH, history of the lawn.

The Secret!  A thick lawn is the best control of Crabgrass.  A properly timed and maintained lawn needs regimented seeding to out-compete crabgrass and weed infestation.  If the lawn has any bare areas the crabgrass will eventually fill in those areas and mutliply.  Eliminated those bare areas are essential to the future success of your lawn. 

A thick lawn is the solution to many lawn problems and should be a main priority to those seeking a “postcard lawn”.


Lawn Maintenance North Attleboro

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Spring Clean up; 4 Reasons NOT to wait!

Are you going to take advantage  of the "low snow" winter?  Historically we have had great years in the Landscape industry when we can get a couple weeks of work done in March.  

4 Reasons NOT to wait to do your Spring Clean up

Reason #:

  1. Emerging Bulbs, perennials and buds on your trees and shrubs.  If you can get into your gardens and landscapes before the delicate growth of your plants begin you can avoid damaging your plants most sensitive areas.Spring Clean up

  2. Get ahead of the action.  Nothing beats an early season to free up time for other projects.  I love when we can get an early jump on our landscape season.  It gives me the flexibility I need in the schedule to give proactive results to accommodate our new clients.

  3. Beat the weeds.  The sooner you can get cleaned up and landscapes mulched the more suppressed the weeds will be.  Don’t risk mulching or weed prevention before that have emerged.

  4. Even if it does snow, this North Attleboro Landscaper says, so what!

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landscaping ideas; 6 Tips preparing your Landscape for Winter

6 Tips for preparing your Landscape for Winter

When the weather starts to cool and signs of summer start to disappear: house windows locked shut, farm stands closed for season, outside community events are discontinued and actual signs, too, like an early snowfall.

 The rapid approach of winter forces us to think quickly as we put our landscape to bed for the next few months.  Here are landscaping Ideas and a checklist that you can use to prepare:

  1. Cut perennials back to soil level and remove debris to the compost pile.

  2. Consider splitting perennials that have begun to overgrow their placement

  3. Remove annual plantings in the landscape.

  4. Add a layer of mulch or organic matter to plantings to help conserve moisture and protect the root systems, especially for new plantings.

  5. Give you lawn a nice tight haircut to 2.5”.

  6. Removing debris such as leaves and other dead plant material from the landscape will prevent the spread of certain fungi that can infect new leaf tissue during the following spring. Removing the unwanted debris will also eliminate nesting areas for critters.

    Lawn care
  7. You may want to consider leaving ornamental grasses and interesting perennials such as: coneflower, black-eyed susan and sedum in the landscape over the winter months. Not only do they add structure and interest to the winter landscape.  

Did you know?  Poison ivy berries are a very important food source for overwintering birds!  Consequently, they can also spread the plant this way.

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Fall Lawn care Tips



Just because the summer heat and sunshine is rapidly decreasing does not mean that your lawn's beauty should as well.  Practicing proper lawn care, you can maintain a healthy, vibrant lawn well into October.  During the cooler months of fall and winter, grass goes into a dormant stage.  During this time, the plant focuses on maintaining a healthy root base so that it can come back stronger and greener during the next growing season.  By nurturing your lawn and providing essential nutrients, you can encourage spring success even when it is covered in snow.

     Lawns with plenty of trees get plenty of leaves in the fall.  This leads to constant raking and bagging or mulching.  If you plan to naturally fertilize your lawn as part of your fall lawn care regimen,  using a mulching lawn mower not only provides natural fertilizer for your lawn, but cuts down on the hassle of raking, and disposing of leaves.  By making sure that your grass roots remain strong through the cold winter months, your lawn will bounce back greener and faster as soon as the weather warms up again.

     Many households feel that once the grass has turned brown, that they no longer need to keep up with their yard work.  For those that continue landscaping year round, fall lawn care allows them to adapt their lawn to match the changing seasons.  Take the time during these months to place out decorations for the fall, either ones celebrating the Halloween holiday or a general theme of harvesting and preparation for the oncoming lean months.  This yard work also allows you to get your property winterized.  Bundle up hoses for storage, collect and store tools and fragile plants or take care of any lingering summer projects.  The fall weather may not be perfect for growing and nurturing plant life, but that does not mean you cannot have a beautiful lawn.

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Lawn Care; When is the best time to lime your lawn?

When to Lime your lawn:


Fall marks the calendar time when you transition from maintaining your lawn to preparing for the next grass growing season. One consideration in this season is the health of the soil your grass grows in. Lawns grow best when the soil has a neutral pH level, not testing either acidic or alkaline. The pH level shows how many nutrients are in the soil and soil tends to grow acidic over time. Acidity is caused by different factors including overuse of nitrogen based fertilizers, use of compost or if the rainwater has sulphur in it.

 The appearance of your lawn is not the determining factor for lime application, a test for the pH level of your soil is. Using either a home testing kit or having your soil tested by the local extension service is how you determine pH level. Generally it is best to take samples from several different areas of your lawn. When the test shows a pH level less than 5.5%, a lime application is indicated.

 When to lime your lawn is determined by several factors.  Fall is the recommended time because the lime application treats your soil, not your grass. You are preparing for more optimal conditions for grass growth in the next season and lime can burn growing grass so you want to apply it as the growing season comes to a close.

Lawn Care

 The application of lime should not be done when you are treating your lawn for anything else so when to lime your lawn normally occurs in the fall. During the fall you will not be doing a fertilizer application or using herbicides and the combination of those applications with lime could make your lawn problems worse instead of improving them.

 Residents of parts of the country experiencing very cold winters know that when to lime your lawn is before first frost. This is true because the cycle of freezing and thawing assists the lime's penetration of the soil. Do not apply lime when the soil is very wet, however, as it makes the lime hard to spread.

 There are several types of lime. One is a compound of just calcium (calcic) and the other is a compound of calcium and magnesium (dolomitic). Your soil pH test determin

es type used and how much is applied. It comes in powder or pellet form, should be spread evenly and hosed down following application, to help soil penetration.

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North Attleboro lawn services; how to select a professional

The heat is on ... well, it is warming up, at least. Summer is on the way, and you all know what that means, it is time to begin the warm weather ritual of landscaping and lawn mowing.

You can get out there and do it yourself, but why should you?  Taking proper care of a lawn is hard work, and takes a lot of time.  There are people out there who can ease the strain on your body, and your weekend, by getting out there and doing it for you.  

Remember to hire a professional.  Professionals that know how to take care of your lawn while they keep it looking good.  Professionals that know the latest horticultural techniques, and will use them to your lawn's advantage.  To do the job right, it really takes more than just the simple aspects of lawn care, like lawn mowing and edging.  North Attleboro residents are, by and large, quite proud of their lawns and landscapes, and you should be, too.

The choice here, friends, is simple, you deserve the best people working on your lawn.  This is important, your lawn says a lot about you to your friends and neighbors.  You know how you feel when you see a lawn that is well-maintained and obviously taken care of with pride.  It makes you feel good, it makes the neighbors feel good, and best of all, it keeps property values up.  Using accredited lawn care professionals means you have a leg up when it comes time to take the necessary steps to make your lawn a thing of beauty.

Professional mowing

Let me give you a little advice that will go a long way for your lawn, before you hire anyone to do anything in your lawn, or to your lawn, ask for and check out their references.  A true professional will not balk at giving a potential new client references from former or current clients, they will be more than happy to do so.  Find out if they are certified, and if they are, by what organization?  Don't be afraid to put out a little effort, and no pun intended, do a little digging ... your lawn, and your neighbors, will thank you for it.

The fact is, only about 30% of landscape professionals pass the rigorous tests to become certified.  Certified professionals spend a great deal of time studying native and imported plants, but also keep up with the latest lawn care trends and methods.  Certifications are not simply handed out to someone for joining an organization.  

To pass these tests, one has to be able to identify a huge variety of trees, grasses and plants; they have to be able to diagnose and treat pests; they have to know all about the diseases that attack lawns, trees and plants; they have to keep up to date with and be well-versed in the latest planting and transplanting techniques; it is absolutely imperative that they know how to restore damaged lawns, as well as maintain and preserve trees ... just to name a few things they must do to get certified.  

Not only can a certified professional tell you exactly what your lawn needs, they can tell you exactly what you don't need.  The average homeowner can be quite literally overwhelmed trying to learn all there is to learn about proper lawn care and keep up with their own jobs and families.  Often, they agree to services that they simply don't need from people who are out to get as much money from the homeowner as they can in one visit.  A professional wants a lasting relationship with the client, and is not out to over bill someone and leave.

Distinctive Landscaping can and will do a superior job when it comes to your lawn mowing, fertilizing, irrigation, shrub pruning and landscaping, North Attleboro, we are a name you can trust.

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Beautiful landscaping in North Attleboro

North Attleboro is a beautiful place made even more beautiful by picturesque landscapes.  Winter has come and gone, and now it's time to start sprucing up around the house.  A beautiful landscape adds more to the exterior appearance of your home than you could imagine - real curb appeal.

After the New England winters your lawn can look a little drab and lifeless.  Most people are ready to bring a fresh new look to their lawns; green grass and carefully placed shrub or flower beds can work magic to give your home that well-maintained look and a burst of vibrant color!

A beautiful landscape requires more than just mowing the grass occasionally.  If you want your home to stand apart from the rest, it's time to get to work - or have someone do it for you.  What will it take to get your yard in shape for the upcoming months?

Sometimes a little clean-up is necessary after the long winter months.  Removing leaves, sticks and other debris from your yard will give it a cleaner look, but that's just the beginning.  How would some new shrub beds add to the look of your landscape?  We're not talking a little rectangle flower bed in the corner here.  Intricately designed areas with clean, curved edges will set your lawn off this spring and summer.  When the grass greens up, the contrast is amazing.Beautiful steps

Pruning back damaged or broken branches is sometimes necessary in the spring.  Raking the lawn and fertilizing to "feed" the soil are other factors that should be considered.  By fertilizing your gardens and lawn, the soil is getting much needed nutrients so that it can produce amazing plants and lush green grass during spring and summer months.

Controlling weeds is another essential task if you want a beautiful landscape that captures the eye all season long.  Have you ever mowed your lawn only to look out in 10 minutes and see dandelions popping their heads up (it seems that fast anyway)?  Nothing is more irritating.  Crabgrass, dandelions and other weeds that can spoil your landscape need to be taken care of before they take over the lawn.

Depending upon the shape of your lawn now, there are several aspects of professional landscaping that may benefit you.  A beautiful landscape may require not only mowing, but fertilization, edging the gardens, mulching, pruning of trees and shrubs, clean up and proper irrigation.  Careful watering can make all the difference in the appearance and health of your lawn.  A lush, green lawn is one that has been watered properly, encouraging roots that grown deep and are resistant to drought.

If you're lawn has been neglected for years or you have just moved in to a new home, a complete lawn renovation may be in order.  Remember, there's more to a beautiful, well-kept lawn than just raking leaves and mowing the grass! 

If you want to have that home that makes everyone who passes by take notice, keep in mind that a beautiful landscape takes work, and it's dirty work - but extremely satisfying once you see the fruits of your labor.  Leave it to a professional, and watch your lawn transform before your eyes.

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