Lawn Mowing Service

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We receive many compliments on our lawn mowing crews.  Relieve yourself of the burden and allow our experienced crews to manicure your lawn. Here's how our practices can help your lawn:

  • Mowing high to reduce weeds and to increase root development.
  • Frequent visits.  Minimizing the amount of grass blade surface being removed. (less than 1/3rd is recommended)
  • Leaving the clippings a few times during the season contributing to soil health.

Lawn mowing is done based on the lawns needs throughout the season. All edges and obstacles will be trimmed using a string trimmer, such as around tree wells, buildings, etc. Trimming shall maintain the grass areas in a neat condition and at approximately the same length as the adjacent mowed areas. All grass clippings will be removed from the driveway, sidewalk and patios after each cutting.

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